Why do we need home security systems?

Posted October 14th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Protect your home and valuables

Being the most obvious point, a home security system is essential for ensuring that your home and valuables are constantly protected. With the ability to equip the system with a variety of additional accessories, which enable the user to tailor the technology in a way that best suits their set-up, it’s never been easier to secure your space. Of course, complete protection isn’t guaranteed with a home security system alone, however it does make the task considerably easier. Homeowners are encouraged to always remain vigilant - whether this is ensuring that all entrances to the home are locked before heading out, or hiding their valuables in places that can’t be easily spotted from windows. 

Visible crime deterrent

Burglars are always looking for the chance to make their job easier, and a house that looks uninhabited or one that has its door wide open could make the perfect target. However, if you’ve equipped your home with a variety of security measures (we’ll get into the specifics shortly), your property may be less likely to be broken into. Criminals want to go unseen, but if they’re in clear view, or there’s the possibility for an alarm to be triggered, this could deter them. 

Fire safety

A security system will ensure that you’re alerted in the event of a fire, allowing extra time to escape. You can link a SimpliSafe Smoke Detector to your Base Station, and once activated, it will use its photoelectric sensors to detect a fire during the early, smouldering stage. The second that smoke is detected, the alarm will sound immediately, alerting those in the property. Not only will this ensure your own safety, acting quickly in the event of a fire will also limit property damage.

Remote monitoring

When equipping your home with a security system, you’ll be able to monitor footage attained by your Indoor Camera and Outdoor Camera from your tablet, computer or smartphone. Using intelligent sensors that detect the unique heat signature of humans, they will alert you immediately to any suspicious activity. 

For those on the SimpliSafe professional monitoring plan, our customers will have peace of mind know that our professional monitoring centre is on hand 24/7. Upon receiving an alert, they will check your security cameras to visually verify whether the local authorities need to be contacted. If this is the case, they will act with urgency. 

Smart home

Connect your SimpliSafe system with other smart home devices, like Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Watch. This advanced technology will enable you to arm your system from anywhere; it’s never been easier to protect your property. 

Ensure constant peace of mind

We understand that your home is your pride and joy, so why risk it being broken into? Setting up a home security system, that can be completely customised to best suit your property, will ensure constant peace of mind, allowing you to go about your day stress-free. 

Now that you know why we need home security systems, why not start customising your own system today? Contact our experienced team to discover the best options for protecting your property.