7 great things you can do with a home security system

Posted October 19th, 2021 by SimpliSafe

7 things you didn't know your home security system could do

Looking for a new home security system? One that’s smarter and doesn’t need to be hardwired? With SimpliSafe, you can set one up by yourself in less than an hour - all you need is a Wi-Fi connection. But aside from the main job of providing security for your home with instant motion detection and alarm sirens, there’s actually many smart things your professionally monitored home security system can do. Prepare to be amazed. 

1. Dispatch emergency services for you

That’s right. No matter where you are, whether you’re on holiday or are just unreachable for whatever reason, security specialists will handle the alerts for you with interactive monitoring. Once an incident is visually verified via the Indoor Camera, they will contact the emergency services on your behalf. They will also call you to make sure you’re okay and stay on the line until you’re safe.

2. Control the whole system from an app from wherever

Whether you’re upstairs or out for the evening, you can control your security system from wherever you are, thanks to an integrated app, like the SimpliSafe app. So if someone has forgotten their pin, you can disarm/arm the system for them from anywhere. The app can also alert you of any windows or doors left open, motion detection and intrusion.

3. Back-up protection in power cuts

There’s no phone line needed for the SimpliSafe security system. You can connect all devices by Wi-Fi. No need to worry about a power outage, as the system has a back-up battery in case this happens. 

4. Detects humans, not pets

You’ll never have to worry about your furry family members setting off any alarms because the smart technology means that only the unique heat signature of humans is detected.  

5. Records vital footage

Not only can you watch over your home in HD from wherever you are, the smart home security camera can capture vital footage to help with police investigations. You can look back on the footage to see the burglar, pick up clues and to find out what exactly happened and what was taken, depending on where the cameras were placed. 

6. Detects smoke, leaks and freezing temperatures

Connected to smart alarm sensors, the system and app can alert you of any glass breaks, freezing temperatures, water leaks and smoke detection, as well as motion detection. By warning you of freezing temperatures, you can prevent pipes from bursting, and with water leak alerts, you can save your home from major damage from any bursts or floods. 

7. Help you keep tabs on forbidden areas

Not only can you be alerted of any windows or doors left unlocked, you can also place sensors in forbidden areas and cupboards to see when they’re opened. For instance, if you have an expensive collection of liqueur that you don’t want anyone to be sneakily stealing, instant alerts of that cupboard door opening will make them think twice. 

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