Arming reminders now on the SimpliSafe app!

Posted August 19th, 2021 by SimpliSafe

Our SimpliSafe app lets you control your home security system from wherever you are. You can check camera footage, integrate with burglar alarm monitoring, be alerted of any break-ins, arm and disarm your system, and you can now get arming reminders. Just head to the Menu, then Settings, and then Arming Reminders to schedule in the days and times when you want notification reminders for switching modes.    

What else can you do on the SimpliSafe app?

Control from anywhere in the world

No matter where you are in the world, you can control your SimpliSafe system with a touch of a button by using the app. Wherever you’ve got internet access, you can check in on the family back home or just keep an eye on things if your home is vacant. Also, with the Pro Premium professional monitoring plan you will have extra peace of mind knowing that experts are on hand to request police or fire dispatch if you are on holiday.

Keep track with an up-to-the-minute timeline

You can review recent events and see who’s coming and going, keep track of alerts, mode settings and the arming and disarming of systems.

Home and Away modes

Depending on if you’re in or out, you can set the system mode to suit and you can easily switch between them. For instance, you may be home but still want your alarm to be armed so here it can be set to ‘home’ mode. And you won’t need to worry about pets triggering anything either, due to unique human heat detection. Or if you’re on holiday for a couple of weeks, the security system can be set to ‘away’ mode for whole home protection. 

Watch live video

Connected to a smart home security camera, the app allows you to check in on your home from anywhere. You can view live footage, so you can check in on the kids when they’re getting home from school or the pets to make sure they’re safe. You’re always a tap away from more peace of mind.  

Receive instant alarm notifications

Whether you own more than one property, are away on vacation, or are just simply out for the evening, you can get instant alarm notifications to your mobile if any smart alarm sensors are triggered - from detecting motion to water leaks and glass breakage.  

Where can I get the SimpliSafe app?

You can get the SimpliSafe Home Security App for Android on the Google Play Store and the SimpliSafe Home Security App for iOS on the Apple Store.