Home security resolutions for a safer 2022

Posted June 4th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

As we head into the new year, we've put together a list of some home security resolutions to help you have a safer 2022.

New year, better you. Now we’re into the new year, it’s always useful to consider new ways to optimise your and your family’s safety. It’s all too often that people disregard security without even knowing it - such as leaving the key under the doormat - which is just one of many dangerous habits to pick up. This year, we challenge you to put some new home security resolutions into practice, so that you can enjoy a safer 2022. 

Stop hiding your keys under the doormat 

A study that revealed Brits’ favourite ‘safe’ places to hide keys included under a flower pot (14%), under a doormat (12%) and in the garden shed (7%). With these being such popular hiding spots, it’s likely that these will be some of the first places that a burglar would think to look. Eradicate the risk by choosing a much safer hiding place - such as a lockable key vault inside your home - that’s protected with 24/7 monitoring. If you are going away for a period of time, leave your key with a trusted neighbour. 

In this instance, you could get your neighbour to check in on your home if you're on holiday - getting the mail, taking the bins out etc. With SimpliSafe, you could also provide them with their own custom pin to access your home security system. With the possibility to choose up to four different custom pins, you’ll have total control over who is entering and exiting your home - it’s definitely one to add to the list of security resolutions. 

Secure entrances to the home

Ever left the house in a rush and spent the day riddled with anxiety, worried that you might not have locked the front door? Organisation and safety go hand in hand, so allowing yourself some extra time to scan your house for any possible entrances that have been left unlocked ensures greater protection. Even if you’re only heading out for a few minutes, we still strongly encourage you to double check that there are no easy ways for a burglar to get in - that includes securing second floor windows, even though you may not think it necessary. 

As you are able to personalise your SimpliSafe system, you could invest in an Entry Sensor for additional window and door protection. You’ll know that someone is trying to make an entrance when your Base Station sounds its siren. 

Lock up your garage

Your garden will be home to plenty of valuables, so make it one of your home security resolutions to lock them all away after use. Add a padlock to keep everything secure and install an outdoor camera that keeps your whole garden in its field of vision. This will act as a deterrent, capturing any suspicious activity that goes on in and around your home. Coupled with 24/7 professional monitoring and the camera’s high-definition video, you’ll be all set for a safer 2022. 

The risk of fake security

Some people may think that a clever route to enhance home security is to set up fake security systems, however this won’t guarantee efficient protection. Many burglars may be able to tell the difference between real and fake products, and this won’t provide you with the same security that a high-tech monitoring system does. The investment will be worth it in the long run to ensure a safer 2022; the risk of a break in is always a possibility, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared at all times. 

Social media sharing

Social media has taken over, and with more people sharing their personal lives on a variety of platforms, this could end up being a risk to your security. People may feel tempted to share their new, expensive Christmas gifts with the rest of the world, alongside posting a variety of holiday snaps to show off an adventure. However, things like this should be kept on the downlow or only shared with people you trust. It may seem unlikely, but there’s always the risk that someone will be tempted to get their own look at these new valuables. For a safer 2022, you should make it one of your home security resolutions to always think carefully about anything you decide to share on social media. 

Are you providing burglars with good hiding spots?

Take a step back and evaluate your home security to see how effective it is. Could you actually be providing burglars with good hiding spots, without being aware of it? Overgrown bushes, a lack of security cameras and inadequate lighting will all contribute to shielding trespassers from view, so always consider new ways to improve your security methods.

Recycle delivery boxes

Leaving empty delivery boxes outside your home may seem harmless, but these can be an indicator to burglars that you’re hiding something valuable inside. Instead, make a conscious effort to keep your boxes behind closed doors until collection day, or secure them in a bin bag so they aren’t in plain view. 

Act on your home security resolutions by getting in touch with our team of professionals today to guarantee a safer 2022. You can build your SimpliSafe home security system to revolve around your needs, ensuring that you’re provided with 24/7 protection for years to come.