Home security resolutions for the new year

Posted January 1st, 2023 by SimpliSafe

Make security a priority for the new year, with SimpliSafe’s best home security resolutions.

We’re all familiar with the classic new year resolutions, from giving up chocolate to improving your finances. But, have you ever thought to add home security resolutions to your list? Home security should already be a priority, but there’s no better time to review your current protective methods and consider how you can optimise these. This way, you can ensure a safer year. 

Invest in a home security system 

If you want to improve your home’s security in an instant, investing in a home security system is the way to go - unless you’ve already been gifted one of our shiny gadgets for Christmas, of course. The key is to opt for an all-encompassing, high-quality, and long-lasting system that removes any security risks. This will not only ensure that your valuables are protected, but that you can go into the new year knowing that your home and loved ones are safe. 

Install indoor and outdoor security cameras

Our various home security packages can be customised to your heart’s content, and remote operation enables you to control your system around the clock, regardless of where you are. To avoid missing any blindspots, it’s best to install both Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras, which will keep a constant eye on your property when you can’t be there to. High-definition footage can be viewed from the comfort of your mobile phone, and you’ll receive a notification if any movement is detected. 

Additional alarm sensors 

From Entry Sensors to Motion Sensors, our range has everything you need to guarantee your home’s protection all year round. Every entrance and exit, from top to bottom, can be covered. 

Keep all entrances to your home locked

Each time you leave the house, and even when you’re inside the home, make sure that all possible entrances are securely locked. Burglars won’t always break in through the front door - in many instances, they’ll slip through an open window instead - but the front door is one of the most common break-in points. Get into the habit of double, if not triple, checking that you’re not unintentionally inviting intruders into your home. 

Opt for motion-activated lights

Another way to improve your home’s security in the new year is to install motion-activated lights that will come on automatically when movement is detected. Not only will this make it easier, and safer, for you when coming home on a dark night, it’ll act as a burglar deterrent, too. It’s no surprise that burglars prefer dark settings where they can go about their crimes unseen, which is why it’s important to enhance lighting and remove blind spots wherever possible. 

Prepare an emergency security plan

Your family’s safety is not simply reliant on your knowledge, but on their own, too. When they’re old enough, teach your children about the importance of home security, and inform them of what to do in an emergency. Prepare an emergency security plan and share it with all those in the home, which should tell them where to go, what to do, and who to call. It’s vital to act quickly in these scenarios. Even if you’re doubtful that they’ll actually happen, keeping everyone in the loop is another way to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Tidy up your home’s exterior 

Boosting your home’s aesthetic may already be a new year’s resolution, but doing this can also benefit security. As mentioned earlier, burglars would rather operate in dimly lit, shielded areas that prevent the possibility of them being seen. So, tidying up your home’s exterior - whether that’s trimming back bushes or clearing away garden furniture - will reduce the number of hiding places. Our guide to garden security will give you a list of everything to sort.

Set up a neighbourhood watch group

Burglaries will often occur in heavily populated areas, making it beneficial for neighbours to join forces and involve themselves in a neighbourhood watch group. Whether this is setting up a group Facebook page or WhatsApp group for residents, if you don’t have a neighbourhood watch group already, why not create one yourself? This way, you can share news of any recent break-ins, or if a burglar has targeted multiple homes, you can develop a case with numerous pieces of evidence. 

Make home security your resolution for the new year with the help of SimpliSafe. Find out more about our home security system today by contacting a member of our team.