SimpliSafe. Protecting the Magic of Christmas

Posted November 30th, 2020 by SimpliSafe

Christmas may look a little different this December, but Santa Claus is still working hard to bring a little bit of magic.

This year, Santa has a battle on his hands as kids turn sleuth and plan evermore elaborate ways to try to catch him in the act. Following our recent survey, as many as 83% of children are aiming to get a glimpse of him delivering their presents on Christmas Eve and a fifth of them will use home security gadgets to do so, just like this family:

Here are the top ways they plan to try and catch Santa this year:

  • See if mince pie has been eaten (62%)

  • See if the drink that was left out has been drunk (54%)

  • Check for reindeer footprints in the snow (30%)

  • Set up a home security camera (19%)

  • See if Santa has used the hand sanitiser that was left out (16.2%)

  • Put fake snow on the fireplace to look for Santa’s footprints (13.3%)

  • Use security motion sensors to track for movement in the night (5.7%)

  • Set-up a tripwire (4.2%)

Traditional ways Santa gets into the home still remain the most popular, but children now have even more imaginative ways of how he magically appears in the home.

  • Has a special key for the door (34.8%)

  • He comes down the chimney (27.7%)

  • Through a window/door left slightly open (9.2%)

  • He magically teleports into the house (7.9%)

  • He passes through walls (6.5%)

  • He beams in via a portal (6.3%)

  • He doesn’t, he sends presents through the internet (4.8%)

The survey also revealed that the average family in the UK has presents worth £576 under the tree on Christmas Eve, so homeowners should ensure that home security is an important consideration this festive period to keep their presents safe and stop less welcome visitors from entering their home.

SimpliSafe keeps (unwanted) intruders out.


*The stats above are taken from a survey conducted by SimpliSafe UK. 1,005 adults and 1,005 children aged 8 or under were surveyed between 05 Nov – 10 Nov 2020.