The best staycation ideas and how to keep safe

Posted July 13th, 2021 by SimpliSafe

The best staycation ideas and how to keep safe

Here in the UK, we have some truly amazing staycation spots. When we’re so used to travelling abroad for our holidays, we can forget about the local hidden gems, not to mention the need to help our own economy. If you’re wondering where to go for an at-home getaway, we have researched the best staycation ideas with a guide on how to keep safe while travelling, too.

The camping holiday

Taking the top spot is the camping holiday. Whether you’re a Bear Grylls fan or more into luxury, a camping trip can be tailored to either option. Glamping, anyone? Nestle down in a cosy cabin surrounded by nature, or pitch up your tent and plan some scenic hikes. 

The UK is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and countryside. Scotland, with its breathtaking isles and the highest mountain in the British Isles, is a stunning place for road trips, as are Wales and England. 

Or consider the Lake District and Peak District for an English camping experience with magnificent views and walks amongst quaint pubs, shops, tea rooms and tiny villages. You could even take bikes to get more sightseeing in and for an environmentally friendly form of transportation.

Staycation safety when camping
  • Try to travel to communal areas in pairs at least, always supervising children

  • Pay attention to the rules of the campsite as different ones have different rules. Some allow campfires and some don’t. Some allow dogs and only on leads, some won’t etc. 

  • If you’re setting up a campfire, only do it in favourable weather conditions, and burn your fuel/wood quickly in small quantities to minimise the volume of smoke. Keep the fire contained and keep away from dead grass or anything that might catch fire

  • Take torches for night loo visits or if you ever mistime a hike 

  • Bring battery power banks for smartphones, and have physical maps and a written list of local emergency contacts, instead of just relying on digital technology

  • Consider having a personal alarm (especially if you’re travelling alone) or an anti-attack aid that won’t cause injury e.g. there are products which squirt a relatively safe, brightly coloured dye (as opposed to a pepper spray). Source: West Yorkshire Police

The spa break

A spa break is a perfect staycation idea for helping you get your rest and relaxation in. With hundreds of hotels out there offering amazing spa breaks in idyllic surroundings, you won’t even have to travel too far for your euphoric vacation. Indulge in divine afternoon teas, dinners and garden explorations and spa treatments amidst the lovely countryside and British scenery of castles, luxurious lawns, and bird-chirping lands. What could be better?

The hideout holiday

Across the UK and Ireland, there are so many creative and showstopping architectural structures, like a tree house design, where you could stay. Many of these are on Airbnb. For instance, you could experience a rain shower with a beautiful sunset view in this Romantic Tree House Hideout in Wexford. Escape to private, secluded woods with amazing views and tree house accommodation for a relaxing hideout staycation. 

The thrill-seeker

If you’re up for some adventure, there’s plenty of it in the UK. You could head to Bounce World in Wales for bouncing below in the caves and to try out their zip line, or brave dizzying heights with an aerial trek at Carden Park in Cheshire. Then, there’s all the mountains and peak challenges you could do to really push the boat out. You could also visit one of the country’s incredible theme parks - Alton Towers and Thorpe Park are perfect if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush.

The road trip

Take in as many sights as you can by hitting the road and making stops along the way. Whether you fancy Scotland, Wales, or England, make sure to plan where you want to visit to get the most out of your trip. You may need to book tickets in advance to certain activities or check places are open when you’re due to arrive. Do your vehicle checks before any long journey, and have spare cash in the car in case you need to use a telephone box, pay for parking or if cards aren’t accepted in places. 

Book your accommodation in advance, or pitch up your tent at campsites across your travels. With camping, make sure you also book ahead, unless you’re up for some wild camping. Make sure to bring backup battery chargers and physical maps, and check your areas when wild camping to know what’s local to you if you need to jump in the car and get help or guidance. As mentioned, for any camping holiday, have torches, and consider a personal alarm and anti-attack aid. It’s also a good idea to keep relatives and friends informed of your whereabouts. 

Download the what3words app to share your precise coordinates. This clever app also works without a phone signal, working the same as when you have no data connection, to view any what3words address you enter, but you’ll need a signal to share over the phone through texts and calls, and a data connection for social media shares. You can also navigate using a built-in compass mode.

Home security while you’re away

With smarter security technology, even when you’re away from home, you can still protect your valuables and property. With the ‘Away’ mode on a SimpliSafe smart home security system, all the alarm sensors are armed, and you can customise each individual sensor, whether it's armed or disarmed, in ‘Home’ or ‘Away’ mode to suit what you need. 

You can also benefit from professional monitoring, so that no matter where you are - if a break-in occurs - there will be someone there to monitor and dispatch police for you. If you  want to do a general check-in on your home, you can use the SimpliCam, our indoor home security camera, and smartphone app to view your home from wherever you are.

To discuss any of our home security options and what would suit your property or preference, contact us today.