Why smart home security is perfect for families

Posted February 22nd, 2021 by SimpliSafe

The truth is, no matter what your living situation is - whether you’re a singleton or share a house - smart home security is smart for everyone. When it comes to families, large or small, a smart home security system is especially suited for helping you keep tabs on your household’s security and safety, along with a range of benefits. Why?

You can check in from wherever you are

We all lead busy lives; sometimes we have to nip out and often we’re away for some time. With a smart alarm system, you can check in on your family and home with a smart home security camera. Because of its clever integration with a mobile app, you can control and monitor from wherever you are.

Personalised PINs

For busy households where you might have a babysitter and dog walker over, you can give them their own custom PIN number to arm and disarm your smart alarm system themselves. This way, you know when they come and go.

You will have your master PIN, along with the option to have up to four custom PINs. So, for key and essential visitors, you still have total home protection.

Home security for babies and toddlers

When your precious little ones are tucked up in bed upstairs, you want to make sure you’ve got a safe sanctuary for them. As a parent, you’re already anxious over so many things. A smart home security camera can help decrease that anxiety, as you can monitor and check in on your loved ones.

Another smart connector you can get with a SimpliSafe home security system is a temperature sensor. This is especially useful for families with babies, as you can closely monitor their bedroom’s temperature to make sure it’s safe and comfortable.

Gives the whole family peace of mind

Installing a smart home security system will not only upgrade your security tenfold, but it will also rest those anxious minds. Even a SimpliSafe window decal and SimpliSafe yard sign can go a long way by reassuring your household of your high-level security, as well as deterring any potential intruders.

Smart home security is great for pets

With a smart alarm’s motion sensors, it cleverly detects the unique heat signature of humans, so pets up to a certain weight (23kg) won’t trigger the alarm. Not only are your pets able to move freely without detection, they can also be monitored by connected security cameras. No matter where you are, you can use the SimpliCam to check everything is ok and record any funny mischief they are getting up to.

Total home protection

Did you know that water leaks, smoke, glass breaks and freezing temperatures can also be detected with some smart home alarm systems? With SimpliSafe, you can prevent flood damage, burst pipes and fires, as well as scare off intruders thanks to integrated smart alarm sensors. More peace of mind for the household, especially a large one.

Driveways, garages and perimeters can also be monitored with outdoor security cameras to capture any suspicious activity, keep an eye on any ‘wanderers’, as well as capture anything on the street that may help out police, neighbours or yourself.

Looking out for your teens

Motion and entry sensors aren’t just good for detecting movement into or through a house; they can also be used to watch over and monitor behaviours of your kids. For instance, you could use the entry sensor in forbidden cupboards - like the alcohol cupboard - to detect whether their kids have been in or their friends.

You can have professional 24/7 monitoring

No matter where you are or if you’d struggle to check in, a 24/7 monitored alarm is there to help. From the moment an alarm is triggered, an alarm receiving centre will call you to check you are ok and if a break-in is visually verified, they will request police dispatch. Find out more about how this works.

Smart home security can be fun!

Finally, what’s brilliant about a smart home alarm system is the huge element of fun it can bring, particularly to families. Not only does it offer intelligent and high-quality security protection, it can also bring so much joy through its ability to capture any heart-warming or hilarious moments. From pets getting up to mischief to your littles ones playing together or putting on shows.

When it comes to the different seasons, you can turn your home security into a Santa cam or have your family catch the Easter bunny! From spooks to joys, the creative and imaginative limits are endless when it comes to using a smart home security system.

Thinking a smart alarm system would be perfect for your home? Want to discuss your options? We’re on hand to guide you through which one of our specially designed home security packages is perfect for your household. Contact us today.