Conquer home improvement with a spring cleaning checklist

Posted April 30th, 2021 by SimpliSafe

With April being Home Improvement Month, homeowners are encouraged to #makeonechange to their homes to give them some love and attention, whether it be big or small. So, what better way to improve your home right now than with a thorough spring clean? Get that cleaning kit out, press play on the music and just follow this ultimate spring cleaning checklist to make your home sparkle from top to bottom.

The hallway

Where to begin? Start from the bottom with the entryway to the house. The last thing you want is to have all that hard work of cleaning the house out - forget about the dirty doormats - and have people trek mud all over your carpets and floors again.

  • Start by tackling the doormats, both outdoor and indoor

  • Hit them against the outside wall to shake out trapped dust and grime

  • Hose them off

  • Leave them out to dry

  • Vacuum the indoor one

If you have a porch, tackle the windows and doors first. The best way to clean windows is to use a glass cleaner and microfibre cloths. Use a duster or vacuum to get those hard-to-reach corners. Once all the dust and dirt has cleared, sweep up the floor, wipe down with a mop and let the area dry. Make sure shoes, coats and umbrellas are checked through; do they still fit? Put any in the laundry or kitchen if they need a clean, and make sure they’re all stored neatly if you’re keeping them.

The living room

When tackling the living room, it can seem daunting at first, especially if you have children. But it’s all about taking it in steps.

  • Clear any coffee tables and any rubbish. Don’t worry about washing up yet

  • Start with dusting and polishing sides, window sills and the TV set

  • Shake and pat down curtains and cushions

  • Check the sofas and at the back of the cushions for any rubbish or loose change

  • Vacuum the carpet or sweep up the floor

  • Vacuum the sofas

  • Clean up any stains on the floor and use a carpet cleaner or spot cleaner

  • Freshen fabrics with a fabric freshener spray

The kitchen

  • Start with the washing up, whether you have a dishwasher or not

  • Don’t forget to make sure the chopping board is also clean

  • Wash out pet food and water bowls

  • Clean the inside of the oven. Depending on what you use, cleaning products may need to be left for a couple of hours. So add that and circle back when the rest of your chores are finished to wipe down

  • Use antibacterial wipes to wipe down sides. These work great at lifting up stubborn stains. If there are some really tough stains, use scrubbers, soap and warm water

  • Don’t forget to give the refrigerator, freezer and kitchen appliances a wipe down

  • Once all the sides and appliances are cleaned, move on to the floor and sweep up before mopping

  • Empty the kitchen bins into the outside council rubbish and recycling bins, then put in new liners

  • If you have a dining table in the kitchen, make sure it has been cleaned along with dinner mats and coasters

  • Give any flowers fresh water, trimming stems and picking off any dead leaves, and make sure vases have been cleaned

Dining room

If you have a dining room:

  • Start by cleaning the dining table, dinner mats and coasters

  • If you have a centrepiece, take that away and clean to give it a sparkle

  • If you have a vase of flowers, clean the vase, trim the flower stems and put in fresh water

  • Clean windows with a glass cleaner and microfibre cloths

  • Wipe down and dust any sides, units and shelves

  • Vacuum or sweep the floor underneath, making sure you’ve moved chairs to get any crumbs

  • Use a mop, carpet cleaner or spot cleaner for any floor stains

  • Empty and clean any bins


You’ll need glass cleaner, a squeegee and microfibre cloths to tackle this room:

  • Start with the hardest job; cleaning the ceiling windows. Don’t forget those step ladders

  • Spray the microfibre cloth with the glass cleaner and wipe the ceiling panes

  • Use the squeegee

  • Wipe down with a dry microfibre cloth

  • Once the top windows have been cleaned, move onto the rest of the panes

  • Check for smears as you go

  • Once you have cleaned the inside, move on to the outside and repeat

  • Tidy up any mess in the conservatory

  • Wipe down and polish any sides, TV sets and units

  • Vacuum any sofas, cushions and chairs, checking down the back

  • Vacuum or sweep the floor

  • Mop wooden or laminate floors

The landing and stairs

  • Wipe down the banister

  • Clean windows and sills

  • Vacuum the carpet on the stairs

  • Use a stain remover for any tough spots

The bedroom

Everyone loves that fresh-bedding feel. Spring is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new bedding set too. When spring cleaning the bedroom, start by:

  • Tidying up the floor and clearing anything that has been left out, like a ‘floordrobe’

  • Clean the windows using a glass cleaner and microfibre cloth

  • Wipe and dust down sides, the window sill, wardrobes, dressing tables and bedside tables

  • Strip the bedding and put the used sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases in the laundry pile

  • Clean the headboard

  • Vacuum the mattress and carpet

  • Once everywhere has been wiped down and vacuumed, put on a fresh sheet and bedding

  • Go through your wardrobe and drawers to make sure they are tidy and clean

  • Empty any bins and give them a clean down

The bathroom

  • Begin by removing any toiletries and bath items, put them to one side

  • Unblock any plugholes from any grime and built-up hair (gloves are recommended)

  • Target any mould spots with bleach

  • Spray down the bath, shower, sink and toilet with a cleaning spray and leave to sit (if using bleach, keep the door locked to keep children and pets out and make sure to clean with soap and water after)

  • Wipe down once the cleaning liquid has had enough time to work its magic (again make sure everywhere has been thoroughly cleaned if bleach has been used)

  • Use a toilet cleaner and leave in for the required time

  • Clean the windows using a glass cleaner and microfibre cloth

  • Sweep up the floor

  • Use a floor cleaner and mop

  • Empty the bin and give it a clean down

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Home office

Make your home office more inviting and productive by giving it a fresh clean.

  • Organise the desk, getting rid of any rubbish

  • Sort through any files and desk drawers

  • Wipe down the desk and clean the computer screen

  • Shake the laptop or keyboard upside down gently over a bin to rid any crumbs

  • Wipe down the keyboard or laptop with an antibacterial wipe

  • Also wipe down the mouse with an antibacterial wipe

  • Clean down desk lamps and bookshelves

  • Recycle any paper waste

  • Sweep or vacuum the office floor

  • Empty and clean any bins

  • Garage

If you have a garage, now is the perfect time to declutter and reorganise, as well as making it more secure.

  • Clean the garage door on both sides using a bucket of hot soapy water and cloth or sponge

  • Hose the exterior door down and use clean water to wipe the interior door

  • Clean any windows

  • Go through any clutter and separate into piles of what you need to get rid of, keep, and repair

  • Sort the pile of what you’re keeping into similar piles so when it comes to organising them, you’ll find it easier to locate certain items

  • Tidy up any shelves and storage

  • Use a good cleaning spray and rag to wipe down shelves, doors, items and units

  • Put back what you’re keeping (that doesn’t need to be used or stored anywhere else) in a better organised way, for instance, a shelf full of DIY tools, another for garden tools etc.

  • Sweep up the garage floor


The garden is a big job in itself to maintain, but here are some basic garden spring cleaning ideas if the weather is on your side:

  • Start by mowing down the grass, if you have any

  • Weed flower beds

  • If you have time, sort and clean out the shed

  • Jet wash or hose down any flags, walls and driveway etc.

  • Water the plants

Finally, go round the house and do a final touch-up of plumping cushions and wiping down door handles, switches, ornaments, banisters etc. with antibacterial wipes. Spray the house with your favourite air freshener for that final touch.

When you’re busy giving your home some much-needed attention, you can rely on all-round home security with us here at SimpliSafe; we’ve got your home protected. Contact us to see what wireless security system will suit your home.