Did you know about National Home Security Month?

Posted October 15th, 2021 by SimpliSafe

Did you know about National Home Security Month?

There seems to be a National Month every month. There’s Sourdough September, National Novel Writing Month, National Dental Hygiene Month and a whole lot more. But there’s one that we’re especially focused on and that’s National Home Security Month, which runs in October. 

Where did it come from?

It launched in 2013 to raise awareness about the importance of home security. It’s an annual campaign that offers advice, support and information on how to better secure your property, which aligns with our own mission here at SimpliSafe. So what can you do to improve your home’s security? Here are some helpful things to review in honour of our favourite awareness month.

Start with a checklist

A good place to start is to review any vulnerabilities or weak points in your current home security by going through these key areas:


  • Start with the driveway or garden security to see if any of these areas need improvements. Could you benefit from a driveway gate, for example?

  • Depending on your financial situation and property’s needs, security measures can be tailored to your exact needs and home design. 

  • How secure is the back yard or garden? Do you have a side pathway that provides access to the back of the property? If so, is there a good level of security and privacy in place? Make sure to check your gates and fences for any signs of damage or deterioration and give them a refresh if they need it. Don’t forget, even by freshening up your property - a lick of paint, repair or clean - will give a good impression to show you’re on top of your property, which burglars take note of. 

  • Could someone easily climb your fence or gate? Make it as hard as possible for any trespassers and intruders. Maybe your garden could benefit from some unwelcoming shrubbery with some taller fences.

  • Consider motion light sensors and better outdoor lighting. Burglars definitely don’t like to be put under a spotlight. 


  • Make sure locks are weatherproof, in good condition, and working properly.  

  • Check windows and doors are secure when unoccupied.

  • Mark valuables with your surname and postcode - that goes for valuables in the main property.

  • Check for any signs of damage or wear and tear.

  • If there are windows, consider blinds or curtains, especially if you have many highly valuable items inside.


  • Make sure to keep valuables, like car keys and purses out of sight and reach. You can also get a letter plate restrictor for your front door.

  • Place an outdoor security camera above the front door and an indoor home security camera in the hallway. It’s good to have more than one to place them near common entry points.

  • Use spyholes to see who is at the door before opening it, or use video intercoms and cameras at the door or driveway gates.

  • Use a door chain.

  • Have motion sensor lights installed to light up any trespassers or visitors.

  • Ensure all windows and doors are secured when going to bed or out the house, and again, leave valuables out of sight.


  • Use security cameras to catch any intruders in the act and verify break-ins with professional alarm monitoring.

  • Lock away valuables and make sure you’re not leaving anything on display, especially expensive technology and gadgets.

  • Add a panic button in the bedroom as well as downstairs.

  • You can connect smart alarm sensors to a smart home security system to detect smoke, water leaks, and freezing pipes.

  • If you’re going away or out for the evening, consider lights that can be turned on by a set timer.

  • Improve your privacy with blinds, and make sure to close the curtains when it gets darker.

  • Use motion sensors to detect movement in certain areas with the ability to set ‘home’ and ‘away’ modes. 

Home security tips when away:

As well as going through a checklist regularly to review any vulnerabilities, you should also take away these helpful tips for when you’re going on holiday or a weekend break:

  • Have family members check in on things when you’re away on holiday, taking out the bins, maybe drawing the curtains etc. Or if you have a good relationship with neighbours, you could also use this to your advantage and have them check in on things. If you don’t have anyone close by that can do this for you, with SimpliSafe’s Pro Premium professional monitoring plan you’ll have extra peace of mind knowing that the police and fire service will be dispatched if an incident is visually verified

  • Make sure to cancel mail deliveries or have them sent to an alternate address - an informed neighbour’s or family member’s.

  • Leave lights on a timer to give the illusion of someone home.

  • Store away highly valuable items, and make sure things are locked up. If you have a garage and shed, make sure they’re secure, and store away any vehicles, bikes, etc. Why not check out our blog on how to make a garage door more secure.

  • Be more cautious with your social media. You may want to turn any public settings to private and be careful not to post how long you will be away for. And if you are a social sharer and want to show off your adventure, check your posts leading up to the holiday snaps. For instance, are there any posts showing off any luxury items that will be left at home?

It’s important to realise that home security isn’t just something to think about once or to be complacent about. What National Home Security Month does is highlight the need to keep on top of security and how regularly we should be reviewing it. There may be more measures you can put in place, or things to be improved.

If you’re looking for an update, something smarter, then SimpliSafe can help with just that. Contact our knowledgeable team today to see what system will suit your home.