9 educational home safety activities for kids

Posted August 16th, 2023 by SimpliSafe

9 educational home safety activities for kids

We’ll never be ones to understate the importance of home security, and it’s even more important that all members of your household are on the same page. Children can learn about how to stay safe in their own home, but in a way that doesn’t frighten or overwhelm them. The nine education home safety activities we’ve mentioned below will help engage children and keep things fun whilst also teaching them important information such as who their neighbours are and where important phone numbers are. 

1. First aid collage 

Identify any spare medical supplies you may have - such as plasters, gauze and bandages - to create a fun and interactive collage. Add another challenge by leaving the supplies in their normal places, so children can track them down and gather themselves - as long as they’re stored in a safe and handy place.

2. Meet your neighbours

Should an emergency ever arise at home, it’s important that your kids know they can get help nearby if they need it. If you have a street or neighbourhood WhatsApp group - a great idea if being a good neighbour is a priority for you - then suggest a ‘meet and greet’ for everyone to meet one another and introduce themselves. It’s also important that your children know who their neighbours are if they ever answer the front door.

3. Spot the safety hazard 

Similar to a scavenger hunt, spot the safety hazards involves an image or picture where there are various dangerous situations. Ask your kids to identify and then explain why, as this will help them spot unsafe situations in their various forms when out in the world. 

4. Home safety colouring 

It’s no secret that kids love to colour, so use this to your advantage with home safety colouring sheets that show different safety and security scenarios. Colour with them and talk about what’s on the page, discussing the steps to be taken safely. You could even create your own to include all the moving parts of your own home security system, whether that’s Motion Sensors or Indoor Cameras!

5. Safety pretend play 

Kids are fantastic innovators, incredibly creative and with wonderful imaginations at their disposal. A safety pretend play activity utilises this and can be used to teach helpful safety lessons in a manner they’ll enjoy and that’s fun, but may also make things more fun and enjoyable. Get on their level and play alongside them and you can run through different scenarios such as fire safety, personal safety, home security, and garden safety. 

6. Imagination logic 

Utilising the incredible imagination of children again, imaginative logic is a type of play where children can absorb new information by playing and acting things out. As the parent, you can give them a scenario, such as “What could happen if you crossed the street without looking?” and then the children can use dolls, toys and their imagination to demonstrate an answer.

7. Create safety rules together 

Kids love to be involved in everything, whether it’s decision-making or something creative. Not only does it get them more excited, but it may also make the information easier for them to remember. Although every household will have similar safety rules to follow, see if you can make some specific to your neighbourhood - such as the settings for your home security system.

8. Stop, drop and roll 

You’ll likely remember this old saying from the days of primary school, but it’s still a relevant lesson to teach children today. Hopefully, they’ll never have to utilise this action in real life, but if you practise the stop, drop and roll method, it may become second nature to them should they ever find themselves in a situation where it’s needed.

9. X marks the no-no spot 

For this activity, you’ll need to mark up areas of the home or substances that are a hazard or “no-no” spot. Let them know how many there are around the house, and ask them to identify them all. Once they’ve got them, go through why they're off-limits.

And there you have it! 9 fun yet educational home safety activities for the kids that’ll teach them the foundations of how to stay safe at home. Want to invest in a home security system? Contact SimpliSafe and speak to one of our friendly advisors, or alternatively, check out the SimpliSafe shop to purchase our home security products that can be self-installed around your home.