Four must-have home security gadgets you need

Posted January 4th, 2023 by SimpliSafe

Wanting to improve your home’s security? Here are some new home security gadgets you need to add to your wishlist.

New security gadgets you need

The home security market is expanding, making it easier than ever to instantly optmise your property’s protection with more shiny new gadgets. From security cameras to high tech sensors, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. Here are some SimpliSafe favourites, including some brand new security tech, which all deserve a space on your wishlist. 

Outdoor Security Camera

You really can’t go wrong with an Outdoor Security Camera. Boasting high-definition video, a rechargeable, long-lasting battery, ultra-wide field of view, and a built-in spotlight that allows for 24/7 vision, this home security gadget is a must-have. What’s more, you can watch footage from the comfort of your mobile phone through the SimpliSafe app, allowing you to keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away. 

Any sign of movement will be picked up by the camera’s motion sensors, and if anything is detected, you’ll receive a notification immediately. If someone does happen to be lurking around your home, you can tell them to leave through two-way audio. Plus, if the burglary sensors go off, the camera’s built-in siren will sound, alerting anyone nearby that someone is attempting to access your property. 

Indoor Security Camera

When an Outdoor Camera is coupled with an Indoor Security Camera, no crime will go unseen. Your property will likely house several of your most prized possessions, which is why it’s so important that it’s efficiently protected. Intelligent sensors that detect the unique signature of humans (and NOT your furry friends), 24/7 live HD video and audio that can be viewed remotely, night vision, and 120° field of view are some of the main selling points for this security gadget. Not to mention, a no-faff installation means that you can set up your SimpliCam in just five minutes - what more could you want? 

Video Doorbell

The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell is designed to be compatible with any home - whether it be new or old, big or small. Gone are the days of questioning when your delivery is going to show up, as with this home security gadget, you’ll receive an alert to your mobile phone whenever outside activity is detected. However, as opposed to other video doorbells, the Video Doorbell Pro operates on two different sensors, one which identifies the unique heat signature of people, and the other which detects human form. This way, distractions will be ignored, and you’ll only be notified about the things that count. 

On top of this, our Video Doorbell is equipped with infrared night vision, meaning that you’ll be able to see whether anyone’s approaching your property from day to night. If someone does attempt to make an entrance, you’ll be alerted to their presence straight away - so you won’t fall victim to a break in. 

Bell Box

The all new Outdoor Bell Box is built with a loud 105db outdoor siren and flashing red LED light, making it a home security gadget that’s certain to alert those nearby, and scare off any intruders. Being compatible with the SimpliSafe security system, this siren will sound in the event that a sensor is triggered - whether that be a Glassbreak Sensor or an Entry Sensor. Plus, when you sign up for our professional monitoring plan, our 24/7 monitoring centre will be alerted if the siren is activated. This way, they can dispatch emergency services if a break in is verified on your SimpliCam, without you needing to worry about a thing - be it day or night. 

Keen to get these home security gadgets on your wishlist? Find out more about what the SimpliSafe security system can offer by contacting a member of our team today!