Ground floor flat security tips

Posted January 27th, 2023 by SimpliSafe

Living on the ground floor of an apartment building can come with some extra risks. But, this shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying and feeling safe inside your flat. With the right security measures, you can feel as safe on the ground floor as you would on the top floor. Discover our best tips for keeping your ground floor flat safe.

1) Invest in a home security system

The best security solution for a ground-floor apartment - like with any residence - is to install a home security system, which features everything you need to keep your ground-floor apartment safe, including cameras, sensors and alarms. Customise your home security system to include everything a ground-floor apartment will need, including additional sensors for all entry points. Plus, professional monitoring means that even when you’re unaware of a potential break-in, a security specialist can visually verify an incident and send emergency services to your flat.

2) Protect your windows

As your windows are on the ground floor, this makes it easier for burglars to gain access to your apartment. As well as locking your windows whenever possible, a Glass Break Sensor can let you know if a window has been smashed. Place a Motion Sensor near your window, and you’ll have double verification if someone has broken into your flat through a window. Fear not, pet owners, these Motion Sensors only pick up on human heat signatures, so there won’t be any false alarms. Your ground floor flat’s window security will be airtight, protecting you and your belongings from preventable break-ins.

3) Use a video doorbell

Many apartment buildings have some form of video access control at the communal entrances. But, it’s still possible for intruders to bypass the communal entrances and into your building. A ground-floor flat may be the easiest target since they’re closest to the exit, so you should be wary of security threats from inside the building as well as from the outside. Installing a Video Doorbell by your flat’s front door lets you see who’s outside, meaning there’s less risk of you answering the door to an intruder. Plus, you’ll receive notifications to your phone when someone is outside your front door, providing extra peace of mind. You can use this doorbell to track parcel deliveries and prevent parcel theft. Discover more ways to improve your doorstep and parcel security.

4) Keep balcony doors locked

If your ground floor flat comes with a balcony, it’s important to treat these the same as any other door. This means keeping the doors locked when you’re not there, to prevent opportunists and other thieves from entering. Ground-floor balcony security can be improved by using Entry Sensors that will alert you every time the door is opened and/or closed.

5) Maintain outdoor areas

Some ground-floor flats and apartments may come with a designated outdoor area. If it’s your responsibility to take care of this outdoor area, then there are steps you can take to improve security. Make sure that all bushes and trees aren’t obscuring your view or the view of cameras by trimming them back when needed. It’s also helpful to keep your outside area well-lit - a motion sensor light can be helpful here.

If it’s your building maintenance or landlord’s responsibility to take care of the outside area, then make sure you alert them to any overgrown greenery or unsafe looking areas. Don’t be afraid to request changes, as your safety should always be a priority.

6) Give the impression that someone’s home

Someone who breaks into your home is much more likely to run into problems when there’s somebody home. So, homes that appear empty are targeted more. If you want to prevent people from breaking into your ground floor flat, it can help to pretend that someone’s in your flat, even if you’ve gone out. 

This can be as simple as leaving indoor lights on or having the television or radio playing. However, the most secure and cost effective way to protect your ground floor flat would be with a home security system.