How to get the most out of your SimpliSafe system

Posted June 19th, 2023 by SimpliSafe

Now you have a home security system, make sure you’re using it to its full potential. Here are six ways you can use your SimpliSafe whether you’re home or away.

Everyone will use their security system differently, it isn’t a one size fits all approach. But are you getting the most out of your SimpliSafe? Let’s take a look at some key tips for how you could use yours.

System modes

The SimpliSafe system has three modes; off, home and away. Traditionally, alarms would only be armed when leaving the home, as motion sensors would trigger the siren with someone inside, but security systems have become more advanced. Now, with smart security systems you can adjust how you want your system to work via the app. For instance, when the system is in “home” mode, all sensors will be active apart from the motion sensor. Find out more about how home and away modes work.

Bespoke pin

If you have multiple people going to and from your home, did you know that you can create up to five different pins? Whether you want to check that the kids are home from school or see how long the dog walker has been out, giving them their own pin is a great way to keep an eye on things. Learn more about creating extra pins for your security system.

Pet watch

As well as being a tool that can help capture crucial evidence in the unfortunate event of a crime, security cameras are also great for seeing what your pets are up to. Whether you have a dog or a cat, if they’re getting up to something funny just tap that record button* to capture the mischief in action.

Garage and shed security

It might not be your first thought when it comes to security, but you can keep expensive items in a garage or shed, from gardening tools such as a lawn mower to fitness equipment such as a bike. It’s important to secure these areas too. With SimpliSafe, you could install a Motion Sensor and as you might not be in the garage or shed every day, you can tailor your system so that this sensor will also be armed in “home” mode.

Protects again more than just burglaries

SimpliSafe also has hazard sensors which can be added to the system; Water Sensor, Temperature Sensor and Smoke Detector. Having these sensors armed all year round could end up saving you a ton of money. For instance, you could have a Water Sensor placed next to the pipes in your cupboard under the sink and if it detects water and triggers the alarm, this will alert you of the incident which could have turned into some costly damage. 

Holiday mode

This might sound pretty obvious, but every time you go on holiday don’t forget to put the system in “away” mode. This also applies to those shorter stints where you might not be out of the house for long, but make sure to arm the system when you’re at work, walking the dog or even for that quick trip to the shop. It can only take minutes for an intruder to break-in. 

*Available with selected subscriptions.