How to install and maintain smoke detectors

Posted March 16th, 2023 by SimpliSafe

How to install and maintain smoke detectors 

Installing a smoke detector is essential for protecting your home, valuables and family from a fire. However, regular maintenance is needed to ensure that your smoke detector continues to work as it should. Otherwise, you could risk a false alarm, or you might not be alerted at all in the event of a fire. This guide will highlight how to both install and maintain your smoke detector, so you can rest assured that your property is safe. 

How does a smoke detector work?

Even if you’ve done everything you can to fireproof your home, it’s vital to be prepared for one to happen at any moment. In the unfortunate event that a fire should break out, a smoke detector will allow you to act quickly - which is crucial in any emergency. The SimpliSafe smoke detector has photoelectric sensors, meaning the device is able to alert you to a fire in its early, smouldering stage. When smoke is detected, an alarm will begin to sound, which will give you the signal to escape your home. 

When paired with professional monitoring, our 24/7 monitoring centre will be able to respond to an emergency if you’re away from home. They can confirm a fire by checking your SimpliSafe Indoor Camera, and if this is the case, they’ll alert and request action from the local authorities immediately. 

How to install your SimpliSafe smoke detector 

The SimpliSafe smoke detector has been designed with easy installation in mind, so luckily, you’ll only have to follow a few simple steps: 

Step 1: Rotate the mounting bracket anti-clockwise to remove it from the smoke detector.

Step 2: Use the screws and wall anchor provided to install the bracket on the wall or ceiling.

Step 3: Gently push the smoke detector against the secured bracket. Then, rotate clockwise until you hear it click into place. 

Step 4: Check the light on the smoke detector. If you haven’t installed it securely, a solid yellow light will show. 

Where should you install a smoke detector? 

It’s advised that you install your smoke detector near sleeping areas, or in places where people are likely to gather regularly, such as the living room. However, don’t install smoke detectors in the kitchen, bathroom, garage or next to any stoves or fireplaces.

How to maintain your SimpliSafe smoke detector  

Your SimpliSafe smoke detector is built to last, however, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t regularly maintain it. 

In order to stay protected from a fire, it’s important that you test the smoke detector’s batteries at least once a month by holding the test button. If it beeps, this means that it’s working as it should. The SimpliSafe smoke detector comes with a long-life lithium battery, and it’s expected to last 3-5 years. 

Also, you should give the smoke detector a good dust and vacuum every 6 months in order to keep it free from particles. Otherwise, you could risk false alarms, and smoke may not be able to reach the sensor. 

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