Safety and security tips for sporty people

Posted April 28th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Fitness fans will be well aware that some sports don’t come cheap, especially where the likes of home gym and cycling equipment is concerned. The value of these items could make them a target for theft, and the cost of replacing them can be hefty. In order to keep your valuables safe, both home security and being aware of how to best protect yourself and your sports equipment when out and about is essential. We’re here to provide you with the rundown on the best safety and security tips for sporty people, so that you can take pleasure in your sports without worry.

Hiding your fitness valuables

To avoid your home being a target for burglars, always keep your valuables out of sight wherever you can - whether that be stored securely in the garage or otherwise. For gym equipment that’s too heavy to move, close your blinds or curtains to prevent anyone from having a nosey. 

Keep track of your valuables with security cameras

Indoor camera

For times when you can’t be there to keep watch of your fitness valuables - such as home gym, horse riding equipment, or golf clubs - install a home security system. In the unfortunate event that someone should break into your home, a Motion Sensor, Entry Sensor or other sensor within the system will trigger the alarm. For those on a professional monitoring plan, our monitoring centre will receive an alert and will use the SimpliSafe Indoor Camera - equipped with 24/7 HD video monitoring and intruder motion alerts - to visually verify whether there is an intruder in the home and request police dispatch, as well as capture crucial evidence. 

Outdoor camera

Enhance garden security and protect your fitness valuables with an Outdoor Security Camera. With an ultra-wide field of view, this crime deterrent will ensure that no suspicious activity goes unseen. Offering high definition video, along with the ability to see in colour at night through a motion-detected spotlight, no one will get away with nabbing your equipment - or any other outdoor valuables.

Bike security

According to data, there were 64,500 reported bike thefts in 2021. Although that was a fall from 72,920 in 2020, it’s still vital that you do everything you can to keep yours safe - both when storing it inside your home, and when cycling outside. 

Keeping your bike safe in public

When taking a break from your bike ride you could hide any removable bike parts or take them with you. This is anything that could increase the value of your bike, such as a basket, lights, etc. Of course, not all of these items can be easily carried on you, so make sure these are securely fastened to your bike. 

Always make sure that you’re locking up your bike securely (using two different locks if you need to) in a public place that’s well lit and equipped with CCTV cameras. This type of environment will make it difficult for theft to occur, especially with there being numerous other cyclists and bikes around, and limited space to manoeuvre a bike quickly. Ensure that you’re tying your bike to a solid, secure object, rather than to a structure that could be easily broken - such as a tree or chain linked fence. 

Keeping your bike safe at home

To keep your bike out of view, always make sure that it’s locked in your garage securely, further protected by a CCTV camera that keeps your bike in view. Remember that you can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your valuables safe and secure, so don’t risk it - even if you decide to leave items in your garden for a matter of minutes. 

What should I do if my bike gets stolen?

If you do unfortunately become a victim of bike theft, don’t panic. Although it’s inevitable that stress will begin to bubble to the surface, avoid this clouding your vision and act quickly. You should report online to the police that your bike has been stolen, providing as much detail as you can, showing pictures of your bike or sharing any distinguishable features to make it easier to find.

Take proactive measures by registering your bike on Stolen Bikes, the national cycle database. This will give you a frame number or unique marking that can be used to identify your bike if you report it as stolen. 

For more advice on bike security, check out one of our previous blog posts to ensure constant protection. 


When you’re jogging, it’s vital to remain aware of your surroundings, taking the necessary precautions to ensure your safety. It can be easy to become distracted, either by happenings on the road or by listening to music, and keeping alert will lessen your chances of becoming an easy target. 

Whenever you can, bring a friend or group of people along with you, which will automatically make you a less appealing target and you’ll have others around you to act in an emergency. 

It’s also encouraged that joggers stick to well-lit routes within open spaces that they are familiar with, and if it does start to get dark, make sure that you’re wearing bright coloured clothing to improve your visibility. 

Try to keep any valuables you have with you out of sight, such as your mobile phone, placing them either inside a rucksack or in a secure pocket. 

Finally, the next time you head out for a run, always make sure that you’re locking the door behind you to prevent anyone from breaking in, as well as setting up your home security system. Particularly if you’re training for a marathon, your house will be left unattended for extended periods of time. With this in mind, you can rely on a home security system to keep your property protected whilst you’re away. 

Start building your home security system today by getting in touch with our team, so that you can equip your home with security methods that best suit your lifestyle.