Secure your home in the darker nights

Posted October 24th, 2019 by SimpliSafe

This Sunday (27 October), the clocks go back so we can wave goodbye to those brighter nights and say hello to darker evenings. With this can come an increase in burglaries, as according to The Co-op Insurance, they found that home theft claims increase by 34% during this period.*

Intruders can look at numerous things when targeting a home to break into, some of which include:

  • Darkness – if there’s no lights on in the house, to a burglar it can appear that no one is home.

  • Expensive car(s) on the drive – if you have a pricey car, a burglar could attempt to break in to steal the keys.

  • Isolated areas – if you live in an area with no other homes nearby or small cul-de-sacs, this could be attractive to a possible intruder.

  • Glass doors – although they may look nice, thieves can easily smash the glass, reach in and open the door.

Don’t be a victim of burglary as the nights grow darker, keep your home and possessions safe with our top tips:

  • Invest in home security – it adds that extra peace of mind and alerts you of any incidents. With our Pro Premium monitoring, our security partner can request police dispatch if an intruder is confirmed to add that extra security. Check out our SimpliSafe systems here, they can be tailored to suit your home.

  • Light timers – set your lamps to automatically switch on at the same time every day with a timer. So even if you aren’t home, it will look as though you are to a potential burglar.

  • CCTV – having cameras outside the house is an immediate deterrent for thieves as they don’t want to be caught on camera. Pair our SimpliCam with the Outdoor Kit (the Outdoor Kit is only available over the phone - 0800 456 1789) so it’s suitable for all weather conditions and keep those burglars at bay.

  • Safe place for keys – make sure your house and car keys are away from doors and windows so they aren’t easily reachable. Keep them in your handbag or in a different room which doesn’t have an immediate entry point.

  • Doors and locks – having a solid timber or a robust composite door is ideal, but we do appreciate that this can be costly and not the easiest to replace. However, making sure you have the right locks is simple - head over to the Master Locksmiths Association as a member can check if the locks and hinges are British Standard approved and can advise what’s best for your home.

  • Window of opportunity – keep valuables out of sight so if a potential burglar was to walk past your home, it’s less likely to be a target. Add some blinds to your windows too so passers-by won’t have a direct view into your home.

Keep your home and possessions safe with our tips this winter, and enjoy that extra hour in bed on Sunday.