Securing your new home

Posted August 16th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

The thought of getting the keys and moving intoyour new home is definitely more fun than thinking about securing it. But burglars can strike when you least expect it, so home security should be a top priority. To help you get back to the fun stuff, here are some simple things to think about when securing your new home.

Is there already a security system installed?

Some homes will have an existing security system in place. However, if it's working is another story. Locating an alarm would be the first step to finding this out. Alarm systems are traditionally positioned in the garage or entrance way, and older systems are usually hard wired and outdated, each sensor is connected to a main control panel by a cable that typically runs along skirting boards and around door frames.

If your home does have an existing security system, the next question you should ask is whether it is sufficient enough for your home - essentially you need to compare a modern system to a traditional one. The following points can help you evaluate this: 

  • Does your system have the capability of video footage (live or recorded)?

  • Is your alarm loud enough? 

  • Are your main entry points covered when the system is armed?

  • Does the system include hazard sensors such as smoke detectors or water sensors

  • Is it simple enough for you to use at ease everyday?

  • Is there a professional monitoring option? 

  • Can you control the system via your phone?

Let's not forget the basics.

Furthermore, there are some other security measures outside of an alarm system that could help further protect your home and make your home more private

  • Install outdoor lighting

  • Upgrade your door locks

  • Secure your outdoor buildings

  • Keep your valuables hidden

  • Garden security such as fences and bushes

  • Don't make or socialise status updates

Moving an existing system from one home to another.

We know how important it is to keep your home and belongings safe during this exciting, but sometimes stressful time of moving. That’s why we aim to make moving our DIY systems the easiest part. We offer all our customers the option of ordering a home movers pack that includes the following:

  • SimpliSafe system box

  • Home Movers Guide + Discount code

  • Resealable bags (mixed sizes)

  • Brown paper Base Station wrap 

  • New adhesives and screws (if requested)

  • Stickers and SimpliSafe sign (if requested) 

If you own a SimpliSafe system and plan on moving soon, contact the team on 0808 239 6928 so they can provide you with more information and organise your personalised Movers Pack.

Choosing a new security system that's right for you

We understand that choosing a security system to protect your home could be a daunting task. That’s why we want to make it as simple as possible, it’s in our name afterall. 

With SimpliSafe you have the choice of selecting one of our system packages that have been configured by our home security professionals, or you can build your own custom security system so that it's a perfect fit for your home. 

You can find out more about these options on our website or contact our team on 0808 258 3304.