Seven techniques used by burglars

Posted January 3rd, 2023 by SimpliSafe

Think like a burglar to stop them in their tracks. Here are seven techniques used by burglars, so you know what to look out for. Secure your home today.

Burglary certainly isn’t unheard of in the UK. With findings showing that a new break-in occurs every 106 seconds, it’s vital that homeowners do all they can to crime-proof their property. So, alongside equipping your home with a security system, are there any other ways to ensure safety? 

The key here is to try and think like a burglar - not in a way that would inflict harm on society, but simply by understanding the main techniques they use when breaking into a home. Is there anything you could do to prevent them from utilising their favourite tricks? Keep reading to find out how to enhance your home’s security. 

1) Targeting vacant properties

A house that appears unoccupied can be preferable for a burglar, with the simple reason being that their crimes are less likely to be seen. They could be keeping an eye on personal social media accounts and seeing when there’s an upcoming holiday, to looking out for overflowing letterboxes. There are several techniques that burgers use to get an idea of whether your home is or is soon to be vacant. 

So, how can you avoid your home becoming a target? For starters, if you are lucky enough to be jetting off on holiday, keep online posting to a minimum. Of course, we’re not saying that holiday snaps are a no-go, but just be careful who has access to your profile - make your account private if you really need to post. 

Secondly, you could rely on a trusted neighbour to take care of your home whilst you're away to make it appear occupied. Rather than leaving your key under the doormat - which is one of the most obvious places a burglar would think to look - your SimpliSafe system will allow you to add extra PINs for an additional layer of security. Your neighbours will be able to arm and disarm your system with ease, ensuring that your home remains protected and as they will use a different pin, you know it’s them. 

2) Isolated properties are preferable

An overgrown garden, complete with shielding fences and a protected view from the street could make the ideal burglary target. Therefore, make sure to regularly maintain your garden, as not only will it improve the overall appearance of your property, it’ll prevent a burglar from discovering hiding spots. Our guide to garden security will help you keep things ship shape. 

For areas that do need a bit more protection - such as your driveway or your porch - you could install an Outdoor Camera for round-the-clock security. Eradicating any potential blind spots thanks to its ultra-wide 140° field of view, rest assured that no burglary will go unseen. 

3) Dodging security systems 

Homes that aren’t equipped with a security system could also make perfect targets, so make it known that your property is completely protected. Visible security cameras, along with signs and stickers that indicate you have a security system installed is one way to make a burglar turn the other way. 

4) Planning the break-in

Although a lot of burglaries can be on a whim as they are more opportunists, some are also planned. Some burglars will scout out a property before making their move, by posing as friendly neighbours, a handyman or sales representative, they can gain vital information to help with preparation for their break-in. Always be cautious of people who show up at your front door without a prior appointment, or those who aren’t able to provide sufficient ID. 

5) Avoid forced entry

Statistics reveal that most intruders (74%), access homes through the front door - whether that’s by kicking it open or slipping through an entrance that’s unlocked - along with first-floor windows and back doors (23% and 22%, respectively) being the second and third most common entry points. 

With this in mind, homeowners must always lock doors and windows before leaving, ensuring that there is no structural damage to the opening mechanism - which could make for an easier entrance. 

To further enhance the security of your doors and windows you could equip these with an Entry Sensor, which will cause an alarm to sound when triggered. A Glassbreak Sensor is also a sensible purchase, which will activate if the distinct sound of glass being shattered is detected. 

6) Using outdoor tools

Ladders, bins, chairs and hammers all contribute to making an entry easier for a burglar - whether that’s to climb in through a window, or to smash one. To ensure that your home remains protected, make sure to either lock these tools in a secure garage or keep them inside your home. 

7) Sifting through your rubbish 

Prevent a burglar from using your rubbish against you by shredding documents that reveal sensitive information, as a burglar may use these to access your home. Also, if expensive equipment has recently been delivered to your home - and you’ve left cardboard packaging on your drive - this may lure a burglar inside. Instead, either keep packaging inside your home until collection day, or bag it up to prevent prying eyes from getting a glimpse. 

Ensure that your home is completely burglar-proof and get in contact with the SimpliSafe team today. Start customising a bespoke, reliable security system that best suits your needs.