The best ways to keep your shed secure

Posted October 18th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

With statistics revealing that around 22,500 Brits fall victim to shed theft every year, it’s vital that homeowners stay on guard to ensure that the entirety of their property is protected. It’s easy to understand why garden sheds entice criminals - they often contain valuable garden equipment, as well as a variety of tools which could be used to break into the home. By following our best tips and tricks on how to keep your shed secure, you will be in the best position to keep your valuables, and home, safe around the clock. 

Improve garden security

In order to keep your shed safe, it’s essential that you’re aware of the best garden security practices. Although regular maintenance can be a hassle, it’ll be worth your while in the long run. Gardens that are overgrown will not only benefit from a little TLC where aesthetics are concerned, but cutting back shrubs and trees will also reduce the number of hiding spots available to burglars. Plants - such as holly and hawthorn - however, can still be put to good use when they're used to make a protective border. The thought of a spiky behind is enough to put anyone off. 

Keep windows and roof secured

Crooks have been known to take off a shed’s roof to make an easy entrance into the building - which, luckily, is a situation that can be avoided. By securing the roof down with screws and bolts, you will be doing your best to make your shed burglar-protected. 

Not only this, you could also invest in double-glazed windows, alongside shatter-proof or laminated glass. This way, your shed’s windows won’t be as easy to smash, automatically making for a more secure building. 

Lock up

You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked, and the same should go for your garden shed. If this isn’t done, you’ll be making a burglar’s job considerably easier, which would be putting both yourself and your valuables at risk. You should also ensure that your lock is sturdy and in good condition. 

Hide your valuables 

Forgetting to keep your valuables out of sight could lure a burglar onto your property, which is unlikely to end well. Plus, gardening equipment that’s been left on the grass could be used to a crook’s advantage, whether that’s a heavy item that could smash a window or a ladder for climbing through an entrance point. Instead, you should lock your garden valuables inside your shed, using frosted windows or curtains for additional protection.

Lockable storage units

Storing your more valuable equipment in lockable storage units so that, even if someone did manage to break through your shed’s door, they’d have an extra obstacle in front of them - reducing the chance of them carrying out their crime. And for those with a messy shed on their hands, this technique is also great for optimising organisation. 


Illuminating your shed with security lighting is a surefire way to avoid becoming a victim of theft, and it’ll ensure your own safety when you’re navigating the garden. In some cases, these lights can come on automatically once a person’s movement triggers the sensor, which is an energy-efficient security solution. 

Set up CCTV 

An outdoor camera is a surefire solution for securing your property. Using advanced motion detection to determine whether someone is approaching your shed, you’ll be able to use your security camera to collect footage - which could be used as police evidence in the rare instance that you do experience a break-in. 

For those that sign up to the SimpliSafe professional monitoring plan, you can ensure that your property is protected, even when you can’t be there to act. Our monitoring centre will be alerted if your security camera does detect movement, and if help is needed, they’ll contact the local authorities without delay. 

Install a burglar alarm

Wirelessly connect your shed to your home burglar alarm system to ensure that a break-in is detected immediately. With the option to add additional sensors to your set-up, such as an Entry Sensor, Motion Sensor and Glassbreak Sensor, for a security system that wants to protect you and the things you love. 


Sheds and other types of outbuildings are usually covered by standard home insurance, but this should be double-checked for complete peace of mind. Whilst these policies may protect the structure of the building if it becomes damaged, they might not account for the valuables kept inside your shed. If this is the case, you may need separate insurance for these. 

Keep the entirety of your property secure - from your home to your shed - with the help of SimpliSafe. Our customisable security system can be designed in a way that best suits your living environment - and with complete control comes total peace of mind. Get in touch with us today to find out more.