The best ways to stay safe abroad

Posted April 29th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Heading off on your travels? Ensure that nothing ruins your time away, with SimpliSafe’s list of the best ways to stay safe abroad.

For those planning on jetting off to enjoy clear skies and warm seas, it’s often easy to forget about the more ‘serious’, yet equally important, side of going on holiday. Although this is, of course, the perfect time to kick back, relax and let your hair down, the pre-flight butterflies can often lead to holiday security being forgotten. To ensure that nothing ruins your well-deserved vacation, we’re here to help by sharing the best ways to stay safe abroad so you can get back to packing your suitcase. 

Get researching

We’re sure that you’ll have already spent copious amounts of time browsing the Internet in search of your dream getaway, but you can never do too much research before hopping on that plane. It’s helpful to get to grips with the local culture, any laws they may have, and behaviour that could be considered offensive. Online guides will often mention the ideal places for tourists to go, alongside those to be avoided. By understanding crime statistics in each area that you’re planning on visiting, it’ll help to keep you safe. 

Choosing the right accommodation

Although it’s easy to give into the cheapest accommodation, don’t risk your safety. The place that saves you the most money isn’t necessarily the safest, so your best bet is to rely on recommendations from friends and family - if they’ve visited the same location. If this can’t be done, check online reviews thoroughly, evaluating the area the building is situated in, too. 

Learning the language

Don’t panic, we’re not asking you to become bilingual overnight. However, understanding basic words and phrases which will help you out in a number of scenarios will ensure that there will always be someone there to assist you. As long as you can communicate enough to get answers to basic questions, it’ll make for a much smoother experience. Or, there’s also handy translation apps or a book you could use.

Stay aware of your surroundings

Try not to risk peering through your camera lens on too many occasions, as capturing the perfect holiday snaps could lead you to get distracted. This could risk your safety if done too often, so try to remain aware as much as you can. Travelling in a pair will help with this, but for those who prefer to go solo, check out our previous blog post on how to travel alone and do it safely

Keep your valuables safe

From your camera and mobile phone to your passport, it’s vital that you hide valuables that you’re planning on leaving in the room whilst you’re out exploring or relaxing by the pool - see if your accommodation has secure safe in the wardrobe for example, or you could keep it locked up in your suitcase. If you take them with you, try to avoid flashing them too often in public to prevent them from being pinched. For lovers of bus tours or boat rides, or even when you’re hopping into a taxi, always double check you’re not leaving your valuables behind before exiting. 

Make a list of emergency numbers

In case you do ever end up in a tricky situation whilst on holiday, it’s wise to keep a list of phone numbers for local authorities. This should be done every time you make your way to a new location - just to be on the safe side. In doing this, you’ll know exactly who to contact when you’re in danger. 

Lock your door and windows

Before heading out on your daily adventures, always make sure that you’re locking the door behind you. This will help prevent you from coming back to stolen items - which no one wants when they’re on holiday. You must ensure that windows are securely locked too, and not left on latch. Even if you’re not on the ground floor, you’d be surprised at the lengths criminals will go to - so don’t forget about these. If you notice any structural damage or a dodgy lock, speak to the building manager or reception immediately to avoid jeopardising your safety. 

Home security when you’re away 

Keeping your home safe whilst you’re away is also a crucial part of your holiday planning. Before you leave, make sure that all of your windows and doors are securely locked, always double-checking that this is the case. Ensure that your home security system is set up, positioning your indoor cameras and outdoor cameras to capture any suspicious activity. For peace of mind, you can rely on our professional monitoring service to keep your home protected whilst you’re away. In the event that your alarm is triggered, they will be notified. If they can visually confirm that there has been a break-in, they will notify the local authorities immediately. Whether it’s day or night, you can enjoy your time away without needing to constantly check your phone for updates. 

Here at SimpliSafe, we offer a home security system that can be tailored to your needs - protecting your home even when you can’t be there. Get in touch with our team today to start building yours.