Top burglar deterrents for your home

Posted February 23rd, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Secure your home for years to come with SimpliSafe, as we run through the top burglar deterrents for your home.

By taking the necessary security measures, you can ensure that you, your family, and valuables are protected for years to come against the risk of burglary. Statistics have shown that, on average, UK households have a one in 100 chance of being burgled each year, which reinforces that you can never be too careful. To avoid not only the damage to your home, but the emotional distress that comes as a result of burglary, we recommend that you work to formulate a home security plan that considers all areas of your property. Luckily, SimpliSafe has got you covered, by highlighting the top burglar deterrents for your home that you need to know about. 

Motion-activated lights

It’s a given that burglars want to remain shielded from view to prevent them from being identified, so for when day becomes night, equip your driveway and front porch with motion-activated security lights. Not only will this ensure your own safety by preventing you from bumping into any unseen objects, it also acts as a deterrent by uncovering any suspicious activity. 

Barking dog

According to a panel of former criminals, it was revealed that barking dogs were one of the biggest factors that put them off attempting a break in. Similar to an alarm, the loud sound is likely to alert neighbours or passersby to the scene, which will ultimately act as a burglar deterrent. For those that aren’t prepared to welcome a furry friend into their home, you could put up signs that warn of a ‘dog’ being present to scare away any trespassers. 

Security camera

By strategically placing home security cameras around your home, you can have confidence that your home will be fully protected, especially when coupled with our 24/7 professional monitoring service. If you do suffer a break in, the monitoring centre can dispatch authorities once visually verified. This particular burglar deterrent will keep your home protected, even when you can’t be there to verify a break in. 

You could also equip your home with an outdoor security camera to make sure that all areas of your property are covered. By cleverly positioning these so that they capture your driveway or an entrance to your home - ensuring that they’re high up so they can’t be tampered with - these will stop a trespasser at the first hurdle. 

For more advice on the best places to put security cameras, we advise heading over to our previous post to guarantee that your property is under constant surveillance. 

Driveway gate

A driveway gate is another way you could secure the perimeter of your home, preventing a burglar from getting close to the entrance. Not only will these boost your property’s curb appeal, they can be equipped with a handy motorised system that enables automatic operation. You can also install an access control system that puts you in charge of who enters and exits your property, either with a passcode, or through voice or video intercom (or both), so that you can communicate with visitors before letting them through. 

Visible alarm system

A visible alarm system will be an immediate indication to a burglar that your home is being monitored - have a siren outside, a yard sign or window decals to show your home is protected. However by the time they’ve tried to enter - if your door is equipped with an Entry Sensor - it will already be too late. The shrill tone will instantly startle, and you can even add an additional Siren on top to create an even louder noise. 

If a burglar does manage to break into your home, you’ll still be protected with the SimpliSafe security system by adding a Motion Sensor. You can fit this in a corner for maximum room coverage, and it’ll be able to pick up any signs of movement.

Don’t give burglars a place to hide             

As mentioned earlier, burglars like to shield from view to protect their identity, so don’t give them an easy place to hide. A garden full of overgrown or tall hedges could make your home a target, so staying on top of any outdoor maintenance - alongside using motion-activated lights - will make sure that any suspicious activity doesn’t go unseen. 

Here at SimpliSafe, we have plenty of burglar deterrents for you to equip your home with for complete protection. Get in touch with one of our security professionals today to start building your system.