What’s the best home security system for apartments?

Posted March 16th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Different living spaces will require different levels of security, with each environment posing certain risks. It’s likely that you’ll have already scouted out your apartment based on the level of protection it provides, and although many blocks will come pre-installed with their own safety measures, it doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from your own home security system. So, how can you go about finding the best one for your apartment or flat? SimpliSafe is here to provide you with that extra peace of mind. 

Chat to your building manager

Before you plan on protecting your apartment with a home security system, you could speak to your building manager beforehand to discuss the measures of flat security that are already in place. It’s their responsibility to try and ensure that an apartment block won’t be broken into. 

If you’re renting, you could also ask your landlord to install a system for you in the first instance. But, if you’d prefer to get one yourself, the SimpliSafe system is ideal for renters as it is easy to set up and you can take it with you to your next home - the system grows with you so you can add extra sensors and cameras at any time.

24/7 professional monitoring

For times when either you or your neighbours can’t be there to get help during a break in, ensure that you’re choosing a home security system that has the option of 24/7 professional monitoring. With your SimpliSafe alarm, you can feel assured that your apartment will be protected day or night, even when you’re away from your property. In the event that your alarm is triggered, our professional monitoring centre will receive an alert. If they can verify that there has been a break-in on your SimpliCam, they will alert the police. 

Battery backup 

It’s inevitable that your apartment may lose internet connectivity from time to time, which is why it’s beneficial to install a security system with a backup rechargeable battery supply and back-up sim; this will ensure that your Base Station remains powered for up to 24 hours and the cellular connection will come into play. If you’re looking for further tips on security during a power cut, our previous post highlights everything you need to know to make sure that your home remains protected. 

Securing your apartment’s entrances

It goes without saying that you should remain vigilant in securing your apartment’s entrance, even when you’re inside the home - you may still be at risk of a sneak-in burglary, so it’s important to stay cautious. The level of security needed will differ between apartments, depending on the location (for example, busy city areas), and ground floor flats might provide easier access. Always double check that you’ve locked your door and windows - regardless of your setup - but if you are looking for an additional level of protection, you could invest in an Entry Sensor. By attaching this to all possible entrances to your apartment (be it doors or windows), an alarm will go off in the event that the sensor is triggered - in which case, both yourself and our professional monitoring centre will be alerted. 


Although there will be some insurance providers out there who can cover the expense of homeowners or renters who fall victim to theft, you should still take the necessary precautions for your own security. By setting up a home security system, alongside keeping an eye on your valuables and ensuring that they are kept out of view, you will be able to keep your apartment safe. 

If you’re looking for a trusted home security system to ensure your property’s constant protection, our team of experts are just a call away. With SimpliSafe’s help, you’ll be able to customise your system to best suit your needs.