Glassbreak Sensor

Glassbreak Sensors

Detects broken glass.

Become alerted to an emergency as soon as one begins. If a burglar breaks a window to enter your home, our Glassbreak Sensor detects the distinct sound of glass being shattered, and immediately triggers an alarm. When coupled with professional monitoring, it alerts our monitoring centre who will dispatch the police if they can visually verify there's a break-in on the SimpliCam.


  • Wireless

  • Peel & stick installation

  • Detects the distinct sound of glass shattering from up to 20’ away

  • 6.4 x 6.4 x 3.8 centimetres

  • CR123A 3V Lithium battery (included)

  • 3-5 year battery life

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Glassbreak Wall

How to install your SimpliSafe Glassbreak Sensor

Our Glassbreak Sensors have been specifically engineered to “listen” for the specific frequency of breaking glass. Place the sensor on a shelf, or adhere to the wall less than 20 feet from the windows you want to protect. You should avoid placing it in the kitchen, as the clinking of glasses could trigger a false alarm.

If you have heavy curtains, place your Glassbreak Sensor closer to the window - five to 10 feet away - as thick fabric can dull the sound of breaking glass.