Key Fob

Key Fobs

Arm and disarm in one click.

Your car can lock and unlock at the touch of a button, so why can’t your security system be the same? With SimpliSafe, it can be. The SimpliSafe Key Fob is designed to be just as easy as your car keys; you can arm and disarm your whole home with a single push, from up to thirty metres away.  Our Key Fob also comes with an easily accessible panic button built in. When coupled with professional monitoring, our monitoring centre will be alerted straight away if you encounter an emergency.


  • Wireless

  • 7.7 x 2.6 x 0.7 centimetres

  • Battery is not user replaceable

  • 1 CR-2032 Lithium 3V battery (included)

  • 5-10 year battery life

  • Customise to send an audible or silent alarm

  • Easily accessible Panic Button that will alert our monitoring centre (professional monitoring needed)

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Keypad and Keys

How to install your SimpliSafe Key Fob

To install a new SimpliSafe Key Fob, or to reinstall one that was removed, follow the instructions below.

  1. Using your SimpliSafe Keypad, press Menu and enter your Master PIN

  2. Open Devices

  3. Select Add Device

  4. Scroll down to Key Fob and click Add

  5. Press and hold the red panic button on top of your Key Fob for two seconds, then release. The new component should now be added to your SimpliSafe System

  6. Rename your Key Fob, should you wish